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Campaign 1

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3 Simple Messages

17 Applications

7 Funded Deals in Less Than 60 Days

Campaign 3

5 New Realtor Referral Partners

9 Closed Deals

1,212 Free Leads All in Less Than 60 Days


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Digital Database Marketing

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Campaign Frameworks

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Get Paid To Convert Top Producers

Learn the 2 simple questions that get top producing real estate agents to hand you their leads lists for free and then how to turn those leads into pre-approved deals.

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Omni-Channel Follow Up System

See the exact process we are using to get over 30% of our leads to book mortgage application appointments!

The Reverse "Anti-Funnel"

See how doing the opposite of your competitors and the big online lending giants can double the amount of deals that you close from the leads you generate!

Our $193,398.75 Case Study!

Discover what we learned by investing our own money into our online Mortgage Marketing Campaigns. See behind the scenes!

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Jerry M.

We used The Irresistible Offer and received 1,212 free leads.

The automated campaign inside the Connect My Leads CRM turned those leads into 390 inbound inquiries.

We have closed 9 deals and now receive regular monthly referrals from each of the 5 agents.

Mike W.

In the first 6 months of this year we have closed 34 new deals as a result of the marketing systems that Connection Inc. set up for us.

Mike D.

Yes! I Want To Automate A Steady Flow of High Quality Mortgage Leads From My Database, New Referral Partners and Digital Marketing.


The 1-Hour Training Program that you are getting for free gives you the exact knowledge that you need to generate an incredible increase in your business. We do this by showing you how to build quality marketing systems that drive deals from the areas of your business that generate the greatest results. Your personal database, A network of referral partners and Online marketing funnels that focus on retargeting and quality traffic. Not cold leads. This is not a push button system. In fact, it's not easy. Even though we will offer to set everything up for you for a one time fee you still have to be patient and work the system. This takes work, an investment of money and patience. The testimonials above and my personal results from these systems all came from the professional doing hard work and working the system that we gave them.

If you cannot invest in marketing and be patient for 90 days to get results please do not opt-in. By submitting your information on this page you are acknowledging that you are the type of individual that is willing to take responsibility for your personal success and will follow the steps we give you to be successful. You are also giving us consent to follow up with you via automated ringless voicemail, text and email. We will only reach out with quality information and support to make sure you get results from the training on the next page. Alright, if you're still here let's get started on growing your business and getting you some results. Click the button, opt-in and immediately watch the 1-hour training on the next page. If you like what you see and feel it can work for your business book a one on one time using the calendar under the video.

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